Oil Red-O Staining of Adipocytes

    1. Prepare Oil Red-O: Stock is 0.5% in isopropanol. To make working solution, add 60 mL stock to 40 mL H2O (or anything with that ratio), remove precipitate with Whatman 40 filter

    2. Wash plate 1 time with 1x PBS

    3. Fix cells with 3.7% Formaldehyde for 2 minutes on rocker

    4. Wash 1 time with H2O

    5. Add Oil Red-O Working Solution (3 mL/10 cm plate; 1 mL/6 cm plate) and incubate for 1 hr at room temperature on rocker

    6. Aspirate Oil Red-O and wash with H2O; store in H2O and Sodium Azide